Bespoke Shoes


"A fresh incarnation of your most beloved pair. If only they still made these . . .  Another pair just like your favorite, but in another color or with a modification. . .  An unforgettable pair spotted once upon a time. . ."

Whatever your wish, brought to life just for your by the most skilled artisans in the place where style and craftsmanship are more than a brand.   

Limitless Customization with Custom Fit

Includes custom scanning and molding of a forma(s), or last(s), based on an impression and scan of your feet in a set of positions.  These shoes will be truly custom made to fit your feet and to your design specifications.  By analyzing pressure points in a pair of well worn shoes, your new pair will be made to adjust for any areas causing discomfort.  

Once your personal last(s) is made we'll store it as long as you're our client so adding to your shoe collection is easy. $5,000 and up for your first pair.

Can you really make any shoe?
First – there is a major caveat – we won’t make anything that infringes on any designers iconic styles or uses any logo or recognizable features, even if they are not copy written. Sorry – no Louboutin red soles, but if you want that, they provide bespoke services through their atelier in Paris!
We are focused on making shoes that you cannot otherwise find. So, back to the question… the answer is we think so. We’ve spent the last year testing this theory and we’ve been pleased with the results. Our shoemakers are located in the heart of the region where a large portion of the world’s luxury shoes are made, which means we have access to all the companies that make every component for luxury brands. We will do our very best to hunt down the material, embellishments, heels and hardware to make your wish come true. We have access to last makers that supply the foundation for the current silhouettes and have technology to create a custom last from scratch if the perfect forma doesn’t already exist. We’ll consult with you in each step of the process so you can select each key component whenever an exact match cannot be found. And if you’re not thrilled with the finished piece, we’ll start over from scratch to make it right.

Contact us to begin your bespoke journey today.